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April 29, 2022

Camden–On Friday, April 29, 2022, Clinton Warren Beebe, age 31, of Kershaw County was found guilty of murder.  The Honorable Daniel Dewitt Hall sentenced Clinton Beebe to life in prison.

Jurors heard testimony that on December 29, 2016, defendant Clinton Beebe shot and killed Adam Davis at the defendant’s home in Bethune, South Carolina.  Earlier that evening, Adam Davis and Clinton Beebe visited a local bar. They had known each other and been friends for many years. They left the bar together and went to the defendant’s residence.  Shortly after arriving, Beebe’s wife, Dani Beebe came home from work.  She drove Adam and Clinton Beebe to a local store to get beer and shortly thereafter, to a narcotics transaction. Afterwards, the trio headed back to the Beebe’s home.  The defendant and victim walked inside the home while Mrs. Beebe stayed outside briefly to smoke a cigarette. Dani Beebe testified that after returning, her husband retrieved a handgun and without provocation, shot Adam Davis in the head while he sat in a chair.  He died instantly.  Defendant admitted to firing the shot that killed Adam Davis.

She further testified that she and C.W. Beebe placed Adam in her 2002 Acura MDX and buried him on property owned by C.W. Beebe’s family.  Later that night, C.W. Beebe returned to the body, retrieved Adam’s cell phone and disposed of it by throwing it in a nearby river. C.W. Beebe made efforts to cover up the shooting by destroying the murder weapon and other evidence, to include the chair that Adam was sitting in when he was shot.  C.W. Beebe attempted to destroy DNA evidence in the Acura by replacing the seats in the car.  He also attempted to destroy the vehicle by having a friend take the vehicle to be scrapped at a shredding company in Darlington County.

Over a period of 21 months, the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department and SLED interviewed several witnesses and investigated various leads. Evidence lead back to the defendant and his wife and they were eventually charged with Murder in October 2018. Clinton Beebe denied involvement on several occasions.  In March 2022, Dani Beebe, met with law enforcement and provided details of the fatal shooting the night of December 29, 2016.  She provided additional information of repairs and changes C.W. Beebe made inside the home to cover up the shooting. Dani Beebe also told law enforcement that C.W. Beebe moved the remains of Adam Davis off his family’s property and buried him again at a location in Lee County.

Deputy Solicitor Curtis Pauling was the Chief Prosecutor on the case with assistance of Deputy Circuit Solicitor April Sampson, First Assistant Solicitor Dale Scott, and Assistant Solicitor Christina Allard. Investigators Justin Dill and Chris Davis of the Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Office were integral to preparing the case for trial as new information developed and additional evidence was obtained.

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