Pre-Trial Intervention Program

What is Pre-Trial Intervention?

The Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) provides first-time offenders with an alternative to traditional prosecution in the criminal justice system. PTI seeks to provide intervention and a second chance through rehabilitative services when those efforts can potentially deter future criminal behavior.

Participants are required to perform community service, make restitution to their victims, and to participate in individual and group counseling. They may receive educational, vocational, or other appropriate referrals to community agencies.

Simply stated, the goal of PTI is to determine and address the root causes of criminal activity to deter a defendant’s future criminal or disorderly behavior.


Who Can Apply?

  • 18 years or older
  • No significant history of prior delinquency or criminal activity
  • First time offenders charged with nonviolent crime(s)

When Should I Apply?

  • Apply as soon after the arrest as possible.

Excluded Offenses Include:

  • Crimes of violence
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Other crimes prohibited by State law

Participation Requirements

  • Pay $250 participation fee
  • Perform 30-50 hours of community service work
  • Pay restitution, if any, to victim(s) of your crime
  • Actively participate in counseling sessions, activities and educational classes
  • Pass drug test(s)
  • Not be rearrested while enrolled in PTI

If you are accepted into the Program, the Solicitor will agree to place the charges against you on hold. As long as you are participating in the PTI Program, your case will not be called for trial. You cannot participate in PTI more than once.

Program Cost and Requirements

Bring the following items with you when you appear for your first scheduled PTI meeting:

  • A $100 U.S. Postal money order or bank certified cashier’s check (NO cash or personal checks are accepted)
  • A copy of your arrest warrant(s) or ticket(s)
  • A valid picture ID
  • Your Social Security card
  • $25 cash for an initial drug test

Non-Refundable Program Fees are:

  • Application Fee                 $100
  • Participation Fee               $250
  • Expungement Fee             $250
  • Clerk of Court Filing Fee    $35

Counseling session fees vary by offense. Drug test fees vary by case.


Misdemeanor arrests or convictions can be removed from your criminal record pending an application.

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